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Guandu fireworks Group monthly summary conference

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The monthly summary meeting of Guandu Fireworks Group was successfully held on January 8, 2024 in the office building of the group's molding factory.

Main leaders of every factory summarized the past and planned for the future. All Guandu people embarked on the journey of struggle in 2024 with a high-spirited attitude and high spirit.



Main Cake facetory Director zhong Ji Huang


Main Cake factory Production technology factory director


Production manager of a molding Factory


Jin Cheng Factory production manager


Purchasing Manager


Accounting Manager


China Sales Manager


Vice-general manager


General Manager Cony Peng reported on the results of innovation work such as brand promotion and management efficiency. Among them, the sub-brand - [Peng Xiaole] has received enthusiastic market response, and the new systematic packaging of potted flowers has been unanimously recognized by customers. Since the implementation of process-based, institutionalized, data-based and refined management, work efficiency has been comprehensively improved. Later innovation work and reform work need to continue to be promoted, developing through inheritance and accelerating through reform.


Boss Mr. Peng Yuliang emphasized that meetings need to be held more often and in a meaningful way. At the conference, we reviewed past work, solidified the advantages, corrected the shortcomings, and turned the shortcomings of the past into the starting point for improvement and progress.
Our group is a company with a complete organizational structure, complete services and complete products. The team covers everything from new product research and development to after-sales service, products from fireworks bombs to small products, and services from product production customization to fireworks show planning and customization. The group's achievements today are the result of the wisdom and dedication of every Guandu person, and we would like to thank all colleagues for their dedicated efforts.
The monthly summary meeting of Guandu Fireworks Group is a meeting that inherits the past and opens up the future. Standing at the beginning of the development of the new quarter, Guandu people gather together to innovate and transform.
In 2024, Guandu Group will continue to innovate and develop and reach a new level.

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