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Global shipping rates set to jump as carriers avoid the Red Sea amid Houthi attacks

Time : 2024-03-04 Hits : 29

● The global supply chain is feeling the fallout from Iran-backed Houthi rebels attacking vessels in the Red Sea.

● Freight prices are set to jump Monday, while longer transit times around Africa are disrupting and delaying product deliveries.

● Spring clothing, footwear, home goods, electronics, patio furniture and pool supplies are just some of the products on these rerouted vessels.

To our dear clients:
Please note:

According to the shipping company's notice:

The political and economic turmoil in the Red Sea region lead to higher shipping costs including freight and insurance costs etc,and longer transit times.

Shipping cost for the world rising up now, Specific price increase starts from ETD March 1st 2024, the general information as below:

● For Europe port: Rotterdam / Hamburg
Add: USD1500 / 40GP/HQ more now

● For West port of United States:
Add: USD1200 / 40GP/HQ more

● For East port of United States:
Add: USD2500 / 40GP/HQ more now

● For Canada port:
Add: USD1200 / 40GP/HQ more now