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Factory re construction

Time : 2023-10-23 Hits : 62

Our factory (Liuyang Guandu Fireworks factory, 49F452) re construction will be finshed soon. We will get new manufacture licence in November soon, This year our factory have more new buildings, some are built according to government regulations, some are built to expand our factory capacity. And we will also build more warehouses for products in the coming 12 months, to meet the more and more domestic and foreign customers demands.

All Chinese factories capacity in the fireworks industry are strongly influenced by the domestic market demanding and high pricing since the end of 2022, no matter the small items and big items (big cakes and display shells) orders. In the 2nd half of the year 2023, over 70% factories are only make domestic orders products, or let the 3/4 of capacity to make domestic orders.


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