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At the fireworks industry development work conference in 2017, our company was rated as class I

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In 2017, it initiated the classified management method for fireworks and firecrackers enterprises, and evaluated 66 enterprises of class I, 338 enterprises of class II and 205 enterprises of class III. Our company is rated as a kind of enterprise.



On February 14, Liuyang held a meeting on the work of safety production and development of fireworks industry in Liuyang to summarize the work in 2016, analyze the current situation and deploy the work in 2017! Wu Min, standing committee and deputy mayor of the Municipal Committee, attended the meeting and made a report on the meeting.

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1、Inventory 2016
In 2016, Liuyang safety production and fireworks industry have undergone great changes. It is embodied in seven aspects
1. Take the lead in the safety production inspection at the county and municipal level in the province.
Since August, a total of 3 batches of safety production inspection have been carried out, including 9 township streets, 4 municipal units and 116 production units.
2. The first method of classification management and blacklist system of fireworks and firecrackers was established.
It was officially launched in March. After half a year of trial operation, the list was released again in October, and 92 enterprises of class I, 488 of class II and 205 of three types of enterprises were evaluated.
At the same time, nine companies were blacklisted for security issues.
3. Officially launched backward fireworks and firecrackers production enterprises to quit work.
Liuyang takes "adjusting structure, removing capacity and ensuring safety" as the core. Last year, it withdrew 145 fireworks production enterprises and 49 working areas. The exit office of Liuyang has organized and approved 176 enterprises (work area) Award and supplementary funds.


4.The municipal Safety Committee has made an appointment on safety production for the first time for the township departments.
Last year, the first interview was held on the implementation of work safety in Jinggang town.
5. Industrial marketing mode further integrates with modern consumption
Actively open up new products sales area, and support the construction of Liuyang fireworks and firecrackers chain, fireworks and easy to buy, 51 fireworks and so on, "Internet plus fireworks" platform.
6. The fireworks and firecrackers industry is shut down for the first time for more than two months in the whole year.
Affected by the 5.17 accident, the rectification of the fireworks industry and the high temperature fake production in 2016 reached more than two months.
7. Major progress in seven technical problems
The automatic production line of combined fireworks developed by Zhongzhou has passed the national appraisal and acceptance, which can reduce the number of personnel involved in the pharmaceutical process by more than 90%.


Analysis of current situation
In 2017, it is facing new changes and new development. Enterprises look up at the stars, but also look down at the road! We should make clear the situation and understand the challenges facing us. At present, the safety production and the fireworks industry are under the following seven pressures:
1. Unprecedented security supervision policy
The red line awareness is further strengthened, the safety requirements are higher and higher, and the safety accountability is more strict.
2. The foundation of security development is not solid yet
Some key links and some safety hazards are still prominent, and non-high-risk industry enterprises produce safety accidents.
3. The problem of "strict and impossible implementation" of safety supervision responsibility still exists
A few towns are not strict in investigating and punishing illegal production behaviors, and they are insensitive to the problems existing in daily supervision and control.
4. The industrial market environment is tightening day by day
According to the data released by the Ministry of public security, 444 cities in China have banned fireworks and firecrackers, including 10 in the capital cities; 764 cities are restricted to fireworks and firecrackers, including 19 municipalities directly under the central government and 19 provincial capitals.
5. Extensive operation still exists
Some enterprises are not well positioned and lack of brand awareness and innovation consciousness.
6. The order of industry needs to be regulated
Illegal production, fake and inferior, excessive quality and excessive price are prominent.
7. It is difficult to eliminate unsafe backward capacity
It is a hard index to withdraw 300 fireworks and firecrackers enterprises within two years, which must be returned, quickly and more.


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